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The safe, transparent, cost-effective & lightening fast way to convert & send money to and from Israel - or anywhere else.

Open International accounts without leaving the office

We help companies maximize global market opportunities, and make it easy to do business through local currency accounts without the need for local banking relationships and no setup fees.

Our customers can open multiple local currency accounts online, at no cost, and make foreign exchange transactions in 36 currencies easily and at speed 24/7.

Business accounts


Accept local & International Payments easily & Enable payment acceptance in your customers' preferred currencies.

We offer localized bank accounts in the US, UK, and Europe under your business name, along with International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) for other regions. This streamlines the payment experience for your customers, making it significantly more convenient to pay you.

Business accounts


Pay in multiple currencies

Pay suppliers, employees and business partners all over the world in 36+ currencies

Secure & prompt payments

Seamlessly settle transactions with suppliers, pay employees and business partners worldwide, streamlining operations and minimizing fees with secure and prompt payments.

Multi-Level Authorization

Stay in control of the money you’re moving around the globe. Different authorization levels can be applied, providing peace of mind whilst empowering staff.

Bulk Uploads

Time better spent. Save time by scheduling payments in bulk. Upload recipient and currency lists in .csv format.

Business accounts


Multi - Currency Accounts

Handle conversions from one currency to another in minutes.

FX Risk Management

Whether its spot trades or forward rates, protect your business against adverse currency fluctuations.

Great Value

Spend less on FX Fees. We charge a fixed fee of between just 0.25% and 1% from our interbank rate and a small payment fee

Business accounts


Multi-Level Authorization

Stay in control of the money you’re moving around the globe. Different authorization levels can be applied, providing peace of mind and complete control.

Beneficiary Validation

It might sound obvious, but just one wrong digit could see payments failing – costing you time and money, and potentially leaving you with unhappy suppliers.

2 Factor Authentication

An added level of security to keep your funds safe!

Business accounts

Online Access

No red Tape

Set up and start using accounts online, usually within a few hours!

Easy to use

Manage your collections, FX conversion, payments and tracking all in one place thanks to our practical and accessible dashboard.

Why Us

Why Choose Montrose?

Best Exchange Rates

We offer better rates than the bank – every time!


Our pricing model consists of two parts: a fixed FX fee and a small, fair transfer fee. And we do not charge account opening, monthly or annual subscription fees.

Quick & Easy

With our simple set-up process, you can usually get started within hours, with 24/7 online account access. After all, it’s your money, so you should be able to access it.

World-Class Customer Service

Our team of friendly and helpful relationship managers are always on-hand to support you with your global payment needs.

How to get started

Here's our simple set-up process.


Step 1

Create your Montrose Account

Start your registration online.


Step 2

Verify your Identity

To maintain the safety of our platform, we will verify your details to make sure everything matches.


Step 3

Make simple, secure trades & pay anywhere

From the moment you've been approved, you can trade and pay anyone 24/7.


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