Privacy Policy

Montrose FX (“Montrose”) will not disclose a client’s personal information to a third party unless we have specific permission to do so or unless we are obligated by law. Montrose FX obtains clients’ personal information in order to be able to verify clients’ identity as required by law, and to provide the best service. We will only disclose our clients’ information to our partnering service providers in order where necessary to implement the client’s instructions.

Montrose FX also collects clients’ information to fulfil its regularity obligations, pursuant to the Prohibition on Money Laundering Law 2000, and the Prohibition on Financing Terrorism Laws. From time to time Montrose FX may seek to confirm and update data on record.

Montrose FX allows clients access to their private information, provided that we receive a written request. Failure to provide current information will affect Montrose FX’s ability to provide the best possible service. There may be times when Montrose FX is unable to give clients access to their records, such as when a third party’s privacy is threatened, when the information is subject to investigation by authorities, or when the information is classified or may cause the client or other parties harm.

Montrose FX has a number of safeguards in place to protect clients’ personal information from loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure and modification. Any data transferred via the internet is encrypted. All data is regularly backed up. The back-up data is locked up in safe storage and also stored offsite. Montrose FX staff are instructed on these measures and are continually made aware of the importance of verifying clients’ identity and maintaining confidentiality. 

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